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Content disposition

To allow rearranging the order of the different content blocks (A-Z below) you may configure the order of appearances i.e their disposition by writing the Block ID:s and hyphen ('-').

Example: D-A1-B

Would show the Featured collections [D] first, followed by a Page [A1], followed by Highlight images [B].


Pages [A1 - A3]

 Add in up to three pages on the front page.


Highlight images [B]

The highlight box can consist of up to five images of three different sizes:

  • Fullwidth: 1000 x 400 px
  • Large: 670 x 400 px
  • Small: 330 x 400 px

Product collections [C1 - C3]

Add in up to three collections

Featured collections [D]

Four featured collections can be shown on the front page.

Blog [E]
The blog section will display the number of posts that are chosen. If there is a video or image these will displayed on the frontpage.

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